Register your colony now

Community Cats Toronto administers Cat Stats Toronto, a database of feral cat colonies throughout Toronto and the surrounding area. Register your colony online today and help increase the safety net for our community cats. Anyone caring for a colony can join – TNR certification is recommended, but not required. If all of your cats are not fixed yet, you can still join

Why you should register your colony:

  • It could save your cats’ lives! When an eartipped cat is brought to a shelter, the colony database will help to locate the colony that the cat originated from and notify the caretaker. This job is made much easier if the colony is registered in the database. If your colony is not registered and you cannot be contacted, an alternative placement for your cat may not be found and euthanasia could be the outcome.

  • The data is helpful in securing funding for TNR. Information in the database on the number of colonies and altered cats in specific areas can help Community Cats receive a grants to help feral cats.

  • Data can help prove TNR works. One of the metrics tracked by the database is changes in colony size over time. Your experience with your colony may support our advocacy of pro-TNR policies.

  • Maintain a well-managed community-wide system. Despite its many successes over the years, TNR still has very vocal opponents who would like to see the practice end. By having a database with a high rate of participation by caretakers, we can show we are organized and run an effective, responsible program.

So if you are managing a feral cat colony or have assisted others to TNR their cats, please take a few minutes to register the colonies. Community Cats Toronto knows it’s important for you and the safety of your cats to keep the location of your colony and your identity private. Your information will only be used by authorized Coalition members to track colonies and provide support.